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Most tourists experience some form of difficulty when they travel to foreign countries. There is always a problem with understanding the local language, eating the local food and especially transportation which is the most common problem. When tourists travel by themselves, they usually face difficulty looking for their selected hotel when they arrive at their destination not to mention getting lost again while searching for popular tourist attractions. Much time will be wasted for this unfortunate misery that may sometimes spoil their planned holiday. By joining our tours, you will be able to avoid all these problems and enjoy a smooth trip to anywhere you wish to go and do whatever you like to do without the hassle of searching for your hotel upon arrival or worrying about whether there would be a last bus or taxi available after your tour or worrying about whether there would be places that serve food to your likings or whether you would have problems communicating with the locals since you can't speak their language and so on. By joining our tour, we will arrange everything for your convenience and peace of mind. Our guide and driver will come and pick you up at the airport during your arrival; arrange hotel accommodation; bring you to local restaurants for your daily meal according to your preferred choice of food and diet while you have the opportunity to taste the best local delicacies; guide you in exploring all the interesting places in your tour while feeding you with information about local customs, heritage sites and local people. Communication is always a breeze with the locals as our guide will always act as your interpreter beside being your trusted guide companion during your stay at the foreign country. So who say travelling overseas is a hassle? Not anymore, if you join our specialized arranged tour by our network.

WORLD HERITAGE NETWORK is a global online tour network that specialize in arranging tours for tourists around the world to explore countries in South East Asia. This is an online "one-stop" centre where you can place your bookings and we will arrange the tour, hotel accommodation, transportation and english speaking local tour guide for your dream holiday. This is all you need to do by just a click away from the comfort of your home.

Our dedicated management team with a vast number of professional tour guides across South East Asia will take good care of your travel arrangement and your accommodation during your tour in the foreign country.

Now let's start planning and choose the tour that you wish to go and we shall do the rest for you.

Remember, live your life to the fullest ya!

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